“Palette” Cleanser
Winter Feature: Pomegranate
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Plus, Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Children receives special recognition!
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Wildfare Olive Oil for Children
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Discover delicacies cultivated beneath the warm sun
and rich soil that result in wildly irresistible Mediterranean fare.

Move Your Plate to the Mediterranean

At Wildfare, Mediterranean cuisine is part of our own families’ DNA, and therefore, we view it from a very personal perspective. It’s why sharing this sense of community and conviviality is our focus and vision, and in so doing, helping to bring back the familiar flavors, smells and tastes of your own past as well. It’s our contribution to rekindling the culinary memories they spark in all of us. And an invitation to create a culinary legacy of your own.

Our abundant range of select, carefully curated products are deliberately sourced directly from growers and producers in places we have traveled, and where we have gained first-hand knowledge of their finest specialties. These including Spain, Italy, the Peloponnesian region of Greece, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon and other nations of the Mediterranean basin.

From delectable dried fruits to delicious nut butters, cold-pressed olive oils to an exotic array of bruschetta toppings, Wildfare is your unique opportunity to embark on a mindful eating journey that combines and balances the food, allowing you to truly savor each meal. With this in mind, ours is a gathering place for celebrating cultures and honoring traditions.

Make the Switch!

As relevant today as it was thousands of years ago, the Mediterranean diet has certainly stood the test of time.

December 2, 2021

“Palette” Cleanser

Winter Feature: Pomegranate
If you are a regular reader of our “Palette” Cleanser feature you already know we have a great deal of fun exploring a beautiful and seasonally relevant ingredient that is also known for its powerful color. Humans connect with color in a very visceral way. Our moods, pulse rates, blood flow, anxiety levels are all affected by color. Throughout history we have drawn from the infinite palette afforded us by nature to create art, textiles, design, and fashion. Of course, nature also provides us with a glorious abundance of foods in limitless colors, sparking the healthful eating mantra: “Eat the Rainbow.”

Create wildly irresistible
Mediterranean fare in your own kitchen!


The perfect addition to your
Thanksgiving sides!

Autumnal Vegetable Medley

Celebrate autumn, harvest, and gathering with an easy to prepare dish of earthy fall vegetables perfectly balanced with Wildfare’s zesty sun dried tomato strips! You’ll taste the warmth and comfort offered by the roasted butternut squash and Brussels sprouts, with an added kick of flavor from the toasted pignoli and salty, crumbly parmesan. The entire mélange is elevated by our high quality extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This versatile dish is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving sides, or serve it as a main course paired with couscous.

Explore some of our favorites


Our Domat olives are sourced from small orchards that employ culinary traditions dating back 3,000 years. The artful blending of beautifully brined, premium sized olives with complementary ingredients and accents results in a delectable array of ready-to-eat salads. Green Olive Salad with Sun-Dried Tomatoes delivers a savory and sweet combination that will make your taste buds sing. Agean Olive Salad with garlic, red peppers and capers captures Mediterranean flavor perfectly. Green Olive Salad with Ezine Feta Cheese is a tasty new twist on the olive and cheese combination we already know. Wood Fired Green Olive Salad is a delightful and unique surprise – it’s infused with a hint of smoke. And Madrigal Artichokes – well, let’s just say there...

Olive Oils & Vinegars

Wildfare Olive Oils are extraordinary on the palate and high in antioxidants. Memecik Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect as a finishing oil for elegant appetizers and entrees. Because the Memecik olives are pressed within 3 hours of harvesting, this EVOO boasts low acidity, a high polyphenol level and full, rich flavor. Not a cooking oil, aficionados will want to savor it like fine wine. Ayvalik EVOO perfectly balances fruitiness, pungency and bitterness. It is crafted to elevate every dish it graces. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Children is truly special! Our proprietary blend is created specifically for a younger palate. Mild and healthy – a great introduction into the world of olive oil for kiddos. Our Balsamic Vinegar and...


Wildfare has sourced a collection of bruschetta toppings that are the perfect addition to a festive spread – or quick any-time snack. Fire-Roasted Pepper is smokey and sweet. Fire-Roasted Eggplant is earthy and satisfying. Neapolitan bruschetta delivers classic regional flavor. Sun-Dried Tomato is tangy and rich. Shakshuka is beautiful mélange of Mediterranean vegetables. Our Olive topping is briny and deep. The Madrigal Artichoke is bright and grassy. A piece of warm, grilled bread is all any of these delectable toppings need, but there are other ideas to consider. Cooking eggs in the shakshuka is a classic, but poaching fish, chicken, or tofu in any of these bruschetta toppings results in a hearty, delicious meal. Simple preparation, comp...

Nutritional tips and information
for a healthier and happier life.

Pasta Sauces

Taste the difference tradition makes! Real Italian tomatoes in real Italian recipes result in real deliciousness for everyone! All our pasta sauces begin with luscious, sun-drenched tomatoes, picked at the height of ripeness. Our Pomodoro e Origano is bright, slightly acidic, and sweet – a classic marinara style sauce. Pomodorini e Basilico incorporates premium cherry tomatoes that bring an extra sweetness to the rich foundation of flavor. Our Arrabbiata sauce is subtly balanced and a bit sassy. It has the perfect amount of spice and heat. Our Puttanesca sauce has a richness and depth that comes from the addition of black olives, garlic, capers, and a hint of habanero to the tomato foundation of flavor. These sauces are perfect tossed with ...

Nut Butters

The verdant color of our Pistachio Butter is a sight to behold! Even more impressive is the amazing taste and mouth feel. The sweet nut butter is a classic pairing for a beautiful bit of chocolate or a piece of fruit but consider adding it to smoothies. Slightly warmed, it is delightful on top of ice cream. The savory Pistachio Butter with EVOO has a slight peppery bite – simply delicious on a warm piece of bread but also delightful when tossed with pasta. Then again, for either of these nut butters, a spoon may just be the preferred method of delivery!

Dried Fruits

Our Sun-Dried Fruits are nutritious and delicious whether you grab them by the handful or use them as ingredients. Splendid as snacks! Versatile in savory and sweet recipes. They can be incorporated into a chicken tagine or pork roulade. They are delightful in tarts or sprinkled over yogurt or ice cream. And for those feeling adventurous – they can be used to make gastriques or glazing sauces. Our Apricots, Mulberries, Figs and Plums are all harvested in ancestral groves or fields and dried under the warm Mediterranean sun using authentic and traditional methods. You can taste the sunshine!

Exciting Healthy Snacks and Staples

Pasta Sauce
Delicious in spicier versions of eggplant parmesan or chicken cacciatore!
6.76 OZ - NEW
Pistachio Butter
with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
A savory version of pistachio butter infused with olive oil and pepper to create a completely unique and memorable flavor! Enhance sauces, toss with pasta, or simply enjoy on grilled bread.
9.52 OZ - NEW
Olive Bruschetta
Earthy black olives and briny green olives are artfully balanced with tomatoes, herbs, and spices. A grilled piece of bread is a perfect vehicle – but let your appetite by your inspiration!
10.05 OZ - NEW
Green Olive Salad
A must try! Our wood fired olives combine bright and briny with a subtle smokiness that is unexpectedly unique. Absolutely crave-worthy!

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