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April 24, 2023
For most of us, our food experience begins with grocery shopping – and with online ordering and delivery, even that experience is going away. The loss of intimacy with the food we consume continues its march onward. Planting from seed. Tending the growth. Amending the soil. Harvesting at just the right time. We leave these things to other people, and more often than not, to industrial agriculture.

“Healthy & Clean – Crops to Cuisine” is not just a tagline for Wildfare. It’s an essential practice and it’s how we strive to bring quality, nutritious, affordable food to everyone.

Our products start in the fields and orchards, so our process starts there too. The plants roots are our roots.

When a seed is planted, when a plant bursts back to life, we witness the miracle of nature and the gift it gives us in the ability to feed ourselves, our families, and our communities. When we work in concert with nature, we all benefit.
When a fruit or vegetable gets picked from its vine, its tree, or its root system, we have effectively stopped its growth, its ability to draw nutrients, its life. This is a profound moment. A moment we do not take lightly. It is a moment in which we know can deliver sustenance. We are now honor bound to produce and deliver the best possible food.

An integral part of our mission is to empower the farmers who plant and tend and harvest the crops that result in wildly irresistible Mediterranean fare – but equally important, to honor the crops themselves. The ancient groves. The heirloom seeds. The importance of keeping the terroir pristine and healthy and untouched by manipulation. The ecosystem we seek to preserve to deliver produce picked at the height of freshness and flavor is intrinsic to the quality we demand of our finished products.
“Healthy & Clean”
These are our standards for not only our food, but for our business practices, ensuring living wages and gender equality, and being responsible stewards of our planet.
“Crops to Cuisine”
This is the scope, the beautiful arc of nurturing a growing and curating a making cycle so that the delicacies cultivated beneath the rich soil and the warm sun of the Mediterranean can be shared in wholesome, affordable meals with family and friends in your home.

Healthy & Clean – Crops to Cuisine!
Take a journey with us. At Wildfare, there is always a seat at the table for you.

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