Empowering Women Farmers

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September 5, 2023
“When you eat the fruit, remember who planted the tree.” This is a wise old saying that Wildfare not only takes to heart, but practices and preaches. Our products are as delicious and nutritious as they are because of the dedicated growers and makers we partner with. Most of our products are grown and made by women farmers and producers. Why is this important? Self-sufficiency is empowering. We believe it is essential for women to work in safe and fulfilling environments. Women should be able to make sustainable living wages. They should be able to independently provide for themselves, support and sustain their families, and contribute to their communities. Quality work opportunities translate into quality of life wellbeing - and quality food. We also believe that the human connection to the earth and remembrance of legacy recipes manifest themselves in the end product. Food made with centuries of tradition to elevate dishes in your modern kitchen!

Wildfare nurtures our growers. Our growers nurture the land. The crops are thoughtfully made into beautiful food. The beautiful food nurtures you. Giving us ever-growing motivation to nurture the growers. What a beautiful and fruitful circle!

The quality of our products begins with the knowledge of the land, respect for sustainable practices, and pride in ancestral recipes. The women Wildfare partners with are extraordinary. They have our greatest admiration, respect, and unwavering support. We are dedicated to ensuring their success. Here is just one story we would like to share. After commenting on the significance of regenerative agriculture, Serife Aydin from Anatolia says this about the importance of the female workforce:
Notable Quotables:
• I always tell our women, "We create art together." Everything touched by a woman's hand becomes delicious and special. We continue to grow and develop with our female employees. Wherever women stand together, there is an unbreakable strength and success.

• We ensure that they can safely come to and leave their workplace, with hygienic changing rooms, protective equipment..., a clean cafeteria, and meals that are nutritious and rich in calories. We have also opened a kindergarten, daycare center, and breastfeeding rooms... Additionally, we regularly organize training sessions and symposiums related to their positions.

• The importance of food for the survival of all living beings is indisputable, and we play a small role in this system. By sharing these food products...with the world, we utilize our resources to the fullest to build a better world.

• Food products are the most significant force that connects us with each other through the bond of kindness.

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