Wildfare Olive Oil for Children

Start healthy! Stay healthy!

May 1, 2021
- Nothing taken away.
- Everything beautifully blended.
- It makes for a really good olive oil.
- And it makes for a really good world.

Parents, care-givers, guardians - you nourish your kids in a thousand ways every day. A start-the-day-right breakfast. A fav, must-hear song every morning on the way to school. Device-down, tech-off snuggle time. Family game night or movie night. Give back to the community weekends. A good night kiss. We’ve got something to add to your “nurture collection.”

Wildfare proudly introduces an innovative new product created specifically for kids - to delight their developing palates and nourish their growing bodies. Olive Oil for Children is a deliciously unexpected way to add health and nutrition into children’s diets. No grimaces. No turned-up noses. No dinner table stalemates. No – really!
The Art
There is a beauty to everything Mother Nature provides. Our job is to not change or remove the “good stuff.” Wildfare's early harvest, cold-extracted Olive Oil for Children is produced from an artful blend of three carefully selected olive cultivars. This technique keeps bitterness and pungency low while keeping the polyphenols above 250. Our kid-friendly olive oil delivers great nutritional value and a taste that is more delicate and pleasing to kiddos.
The Science
Oleic acid, one of the primary fatty acids in breast milk, is also found in olive oil and is known to promote brain and neurologic development, important for the formative years in a child’s life. Fat soluble vitamins are better absorbed when consumed with oil, so it may be beneficial use olive oil in food preparations as a way to get the best of the vitamin content. Additionally, the vitamin E content in olive oil is a powerful antioxidant that promotes immune defense against infections.

Try our Olive Oil for Children. Perfect in a dip for veggies, the signature ingredient in an olive oil cake, or simply drizzled over pasta or popcorn.
8.45 FL OZ
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Early Harvest for Kids
Specifically crafted for young palates, the taste is deliciously delicate. A great way to introduce kiddos to the world of olive oil.

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