Cooking and Baking and Gifts! Oh my!

It’s the holiday season!

November 7, 2023
That means lots of cooking, baking, and gifting! Whether you are hosting a holiday or two – or are joining friends and family as a guest, high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils and complementary vinegars are essentials for creating magnificent dishes or presenting as appreciative gifts to your generous hosts. (They are pantry essentials no matter the time of year but come in extra handy during the holidays!)
Consider your choices:
• Wildfare Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is intensely fruity, low in acidity, with a full, rich flavor. It’s a wonderfully luxurious finishing oil perfect for drizzling over meats, vegetables, charcuterie boards, soups, and salads. It elevates every dish it graces.

• Wildfare Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Children is truly special. It is thoughtfully blended specifically for the younger palate. It is mild and healthy with naturally occurring oleic acid – a great introduction to the world of olive oil for kiddos. Start healthy. Stay healthy!

• Wildfare Pomegranate Dressing is made with one beautiful ingredient – just pomegranate juice painstakingly reduced to a delectable dressing. And don’t let the name fool you, our Pomegranate Dressing is brilliant in both savory and sweet dishes. Great for cocktails and mocktails, too!

• Wildfare Balsamic Vinegar is sweet, tart, dark & syrupy – carefully crafted and highly prizes. Drizzle on salads, elevate sauces, make exquisite glazes for meat dishes, or brighten up desserts. It’s a wonderfully versatile must-have ingredient!
Our EVOOs are multiple award winners.
They are pressed within 3 hours of harvest and are also certified Kosher. The EVOO for Kids even won an award from the toughest panel of judges there is – kids themselves. Besides being extraordinary on the palate, both EVOOs are high in antioxidants (polyphenols). Consider this: using olive oil instead of saturated fat in recipes is healthy alterative that does not skimp on amazing flavor and texture. The Pomegranate Dressing and Balsamic Vinegar add a certain zing and depth to everything. These olive oils and vinegars belong together.
And they all make great gifts!
For lovers of gastronomy, practitioners of healthy lifestyles, and busy families of all sizes – give the gift of health, flavor, history, and memories! And while you are shopping for those you love, pick up some EVOO and vinegar for yourself as well. You work hard to make the holidays magical. Go ahead – you’ve earned it! Our olive oils and vinegars are perfect for Cooking and Baking and Gifts! Oh my!
8.45 FL OZ - NEW
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Early Harvest for Kids
Specifically crafted for young palates, the taste is deliciously delicate. A great way to introduce kiddos to the world of olive oil.
8.45 FL OZ
Pomegranate Dressing
Painstakingly reduced to produce a delectable dressing that packs a delightful punch of sweet and sour flavors. Awaken your palate!
8.45 FL OZ
Balsamic Vinegar
This prized elixir is artfully crafted. Sweet, tart, dark and syrupy. Sure to stimulate your senses and elevate your dishes!

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