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Olive, Artichoke & Mushroom Salad: A Trifecta of Antioxidants!

May 1, 2021
It couldn’t be easier! And it couldn’t be healthier!

Once a week or so – usually on the weekends, when there is a bit more unclaimed time – I love to prepare a dish that has many steps, requires more than a few techniques, whose mise en place is a work of art in and of itself and is simply a love letter to classic, slow food. It’s a relaxing experience for me, but that is not true for everyone. Not every cooking and eating experience needs to be quite that intensive. Assembled food has its place in this world. A delicious and beautiful place!

Perfectly prepared and seasoned products are a wonderland of possibilities. The combination of artfully brined olives, grassy artichokes and earthy marinated mushrooms made a lovely salad. Sometimes, simply opening the right jars is the right solution. Here we go!

These three products are already in their own vinaigrette. Ingredients: delectable, imminently edible (and great friends). Dressing: done! The combination proportion is up to you. Would you like to blend equal amounts of olive brine, artichoke brine and mushroom brine? Wonderful! Do you prefer the flavor profile of a certain brine? Make that the hero of your dressing.

Tumble this trifecta over a bed of greens dressed with the instant vinaigrette from whence they came and you have a show-stopping salad. Perfect for buffets, barbeques, and brunches. Greens to consider: arugula, for its peppery punch; radicchio, for its pleasantly bitter bite and gorgeous color; and the often forgotten or foregone iceberg lettuce, for its neutrality and unmistakable crunch.

Let’s talk a little about the benefits of our star ingredients.

• Olives are low in cholesterol and a good source of dietary fiber, which the body needs for good gut health. They are also high in minerals that the body requires to function, such as iron and copper.
• Artichokes are loaded with nutrients, may lower bad LDL cholesterol, may help regulate blood pressure, may improve digestive health and may have anti-cancer effects.
• Mushrooms are a rich, low calorie source of fiber, protein, and antioxidants. They may also mitigate the risk of developing serious health conditions, such as Alzheimer's, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. They are also a great source of Selenium.

Now let’s talk a little about what else we can do with this magnificent melange.

Chop the olive, artichoke and mushroom combination a bit finer and you have a glorious garnish for chicken paillards or lamb chops, steamed codfish or grilled cauliflower. Skirt steak would benefit from this trio as would an omelet. Arrange this triumvirate on a pizza and top with prosciutto and Pecorino Romano.

Why stop with food? Libations can be a showcase as well.
How to Win Brunch
Skewer olives, artichokes and mushrooms two or three deep and plunge them into your favorite Bloody Mary cocktail. (Those same skewers could easily live on your charcuterie board with the simple addition of cherry tomatoes and ciliegine mozzarella.)

Tasty. Healthy. Beautiful.
Note: it is best to consume brined products in moderation as they are usually high in salt.

The information that appears in Wildfare communications is for educational purposes only and it is not intended to be medical advice or instruction.

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