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The Iconic PB&J Reimagined

March 2, 2021
Children have learned how to cook from their parents and grandparents from time immemorial. Whether it was around the fire in pre-historic times, at the village communal oven, or standing on a chair next to mom in the kitchen so as to achieve the proper counter height to be able to see and do. For so many of us, some of our most cherished memories are those of preparing food with loved ones, learning the family recipes, getting a little lesson in culture and history along the way.

Today, the incredible popularity of cooking shows, celebrity chefs and culinary competitions are not only voraciously consumed by adults. Kids love them too. And kids are featured in many of them. Did you know the difference between batonnet and brunoise when you were seven? Or what a gastrique was? At seven, I did know that I very much liked when food was set aflame. I still do. Although it is not advisable for seven-year-olds to flambe unsupervised – not when I was a kid and not now – young people are interested in and making a mark in the culinary arts.

Kiddos, parents, children of all ages – this is a “make it your own” recipe that is easy to prepare and oh, so hard to resist.
The Iconic PB&J Reimagined
Whether Peanut Butter and Jelly earns the standing of “favorite” in the category of regular lunchtime fare in your household or whether this childhood staple of a sandwich is not really considered a “go-to” option, we have a few things for you to consider. What if we upped the PB&J offering, and the taste…and the nutritional value?

Submitted for your approval: the NB&J – Nut Butter and Jam sandwich!

Consider all of the mouth-watering options! The variety of delicious nut butters and the abundance of beautiful jams provide a plethora of possibilities. There are bound to be some unexpected combinations as well. The point is, while the ultimate goal is to feed your body a nutritious explosion of flavor and texture, you can feed your brain by determining the exact right combination for your tastes and also feed the family fun factor by preparing NB&Js together.

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