Now at Raley’s!

September 23, 2022
Wildfare’s premium hand-stuffed green olives are now on the shelves of 121 Raley’s fine grocery stores on the west coast! Great on grazing boards, beautiful in recipes, marvelous in cocktails. Wildfare has your olive cravings covered coast to coast!

Our Domat olives are sourced from small orchards that employ culinary traditions dating back 3,000 years. The artful blending of beautifully brined, premium sized olives with complementary accents such as spiced-just-right jalapenos, savory garlic, and zesty orange peel yields wildly irresistible results. We’ve got an olive to fit your every mood and menu.
10.05 OZ
Green Olives
Stuffed With Orange
Beautifully brined olives stuffed with bright, zesty orange peel. Delicious as a snack, garnish, or ingredient. Spectacular in cocktails!
10.05 OZ
Green Olives
Stuffed With Garlic
Briny and savory. Brilliant in Mediterranean chicken! Spectacular in a Bloody Mary!
10.05 OZ
Green Olives
Stuffed With Jalapeños
Perfectly salty and spicy – just enough, not too much. Eat them out of the jar or kick up your favorite recipes.

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