25% OFF EVOOs & Vinegars

October 31, 2022
It’s the holiday season!
That means lots of cooking, baking, and gifting! Take advantage of our promotion to stock up for yourself and to share your love of great products. From November 1st through December 31st, enjoy 25% off all Wildfare’s 8.45 fl oz EVOOs and Vinegars.

• Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil (intensely fruity)
• Traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oil (delicately fruity)
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Children (a proprietary mild blend created for kids’ palates)
• Pomegranate Dressing (just pomegranate juice painstakingly reduced to a delectable dressing)
• Balsamic Vinegar (sweet, tart, dark, and syrupy)
All our EVOOs are multiple award winners.
They are pressed within 3 hours of harvest and are also certified Kosher. Using olive oil instead of saturated fat in recipes is a healthy alternative that does not skimp on amazing flavor. Pomegranate Dressing and Balsamic Vinegar are extremely versatile. They add brightness and depth to salads, soups & sauces, make beautiful glazes for meat dishes, and bring a certain zing to desserts.
And they all make great gifts!
For lovers of gastronomy, practitioners of healthy lifestyles, and busy families of all sizes – give the gift of health, flavor, history, and memories!
8.45 FL OZ
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Made from the highest quality Ayvalik olives from the Aegean region. Subtle fruitiness, pungency and delicate bitterness.
8.45 FL OZ
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Early Harvest
Made from the highest quality Memecik olives from the Aegean region. Balanced, complex – a beautiful finish for salads, soups, stews, or charcuterie.
8.45 FL OZ
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Early Harvest for Kids
Specifically crafted for young palates, the taste is deliciously delicate. A great way to introduce kiddos to the world of olive oil.
8.45 FL OZ
Pomegranate Dressing
Painstakingly reduced to produce a delectable dressing that packs a delightful punch of sweet and sour flavors. Awaken your palate!
8.45 FL OZ
Balsamic Vinegar
This prized elixir is artfully crafted. Sweet, tart, dark and syrupy. Sure to stimulate your senses and elevate your dishes!

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