25% OFF Olives & Bruschetta Toppings

December 1, 2022
Holiday Entertaining!
Easy Elegance is on the menu. Family gatherings, parties, and impromptu get-togethers are part of a festive, but often over-scheduled, holiday season. We all need easy, affordable, go-to ingredients to help with stress-free entertaining. Make holiday entertaining a little easier for you - and a lot more delicious for your guests!
From December 1st through January 1st, enjoy 25% off all Wildfare Olives, Olive Salads, and Bruschetta Toppings.

• Hand Stuffed Olives: Jalapeno, Garlic, Orange, Lemon, Almond, Red Peppers

• Olive Salads: Aegean, Sun Dried Tomato, Ezine Feta Cheese, Wood Fired Olives, Madrigal Artichokes

• Bruschetta Toppings: Fire Roasted Pepper, Madrigal Artichoke, Olive, Fire Roasted Eggplant, Neopolitan, Sun Dried Tomato, Shakshuka Wildfare Premium Hand-Stuffed Olives, Olive Salads, and Bruschetta Toppings fit every mood and menu. And they make entertaining easy!

• Charcuterie Boards are more popular than ever – and an elegant but easy way to wow guests and feed a crowd with minimal effort. Olives, olive salads, and bruschetta toppings belong on everyone’s charcuterie boards.

• Festive Cocktails are a holiday must. Our premium hand-stuffed olives are crave-worthy cocktail garnishes!

• Bruschetta Bars deliver deep flavor and incredible variety with minimal host effort. (Are you familiar with build-your-own taco bars? Same idea, but with a luscious variety of bruschetta toppings!)

• These products are essential to eating the Mediterranean Way – the most celebrated and desirable diet from ancient times to the present day.

• They are also incredibly popular to give as gifts. A welcome offering that delivers an experience - for lovers of gastronomy, practitioners of healthy lifestyles, and busy families of all sizes. These are gifts of health, flavor, history, and memories! Give yourself the gift of Holiday Entertaining with a little less stress and a little less mess!

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