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Always in Season!

February 24, 2023
Always in Season Continues! Fill your fruit & veggie bowl a new way!
The produce sections in the markets and grocery stores have been looking a little lack-luster for some months now. Take heart - the natural growing season is on its way back. Soon tender buds and shoots will be appearing – the first signs of what will grow rich in flavor and nutrients and ultimately be the next harvest. Until then, we have a wonderful way to get that mid-summer freshness fix right now.

Our delicious freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are 100% pure with no sugar added. Drying without heat keeps the essential flavors bright, fresh, and concentrated, and ensures the produce retains an extremely high percentage of its naturally occurring nutritional value. A little goes a long way. The burst of flavor and the delightfully unexpected crunch delivers a small but powerful gastronomic treat.

• Freeze Dried Strawberries (Whole and Sliced) – Add to smoothies or on oatmeal or flavor a whipped cream
• Freeze Dried Whole Blackberries – Incorporate into muffins, barks, or mix into popcorn for a salty and sweet treat
• Freeze Dried Whole Raspberries – Make a marvelously quick and simple no-churn ice cream or create a gastrique
• Freeze Dried Whole Sour Cherries – Perfect for flavoring and decorating a Black Forest cake; you can even use a micro plane to finish the creation with an exquisite fruit-forward dust – as pretty as it is tasty
• Freeze Dried Green Peas – Use in pot pies, paella, or a gloriously green kale, bok choy, and pea soup
• Freeze Dried Sweet Corn – Great on salads, in corn chowder, and corn muffins; sprinkle on chili or nachos
Whether eaten as snacks or as ingredients in sweet or savory dishes, a small amount delivers big flavor.
When fresh produce is out of season, Wildfare Freeze Dried Fruits and Vegetables are always in season!

• No Added Sugar
• Non-GMO*
• Gluten Free

We invite you to take a journey with us. Discover delicacies cultivated beneath the warm sun and rich soil that result in wildly irresistible Mediterranean fare.

*Non-GMO claim does not apply to Sweet Corn
Freeze Dried
A small amount freeze dried blackberries delivers big flavor!
Freeze Dried
Green Peas
Our freeze-dried peas are deliciously uncomplicated. Simply put, this product is 100% pure peas with no sugar added.
Freeze Dried
Drying without heat keeps the essential raspberry flavor bright, fresh, and concentrated, while retaining most of the naturally occurring nutritional value.
Freeze Dried
Sliced Strawberries
Our delicious freeze-dried sliced strawberries are 100% pure fruit with no sugar added.
Freeze Dried
Sour Cherries
Our delicious freeze-dried whole sour cherries are 100% pure fruit with no sugar added.
Freeze Dried
Sweet Corn
When fresh vegetables are out of season, freeze-dried vegetables are always in season.
Freeze Dried
Whole Strawberries
When fresh fruit is out of season, freeze-dried fruit is always in season!

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