Wildfare Wins Fancy Food Show Booth Contest

July 7, 2023
Standout Exhibitors Win Fancy Food Show Booth Contest
George Hajjar – 7 Jul 2023

Wildfare is a brand that partners with food producers to celebrate Mediterranean flavors free from artificial ingredients and preservatives. Its products include sauces, preserves, dips, spreads, and assorted flavors of bruschetta, nut butter, and Ajvar, a sauce that can be paired with a variety of food items. Its products can be found at over 200 locations across the U.S.

On display at the booth were Shakshuka Bruschetta, Green Olives Stuffed With Orange, and Shatta, a hot pepper sauce, in addition to other offerings.

“We wanted our booth to be evocative of a warm and welcoming Mediterranean seaside cafe and market where everyone could relax, sample wildly irresistible Mediterranean fare, and talk a little about the Wildfare story if they were so inclined,” said Melissa Clemente, creative and marketing director at Wildfare. “Growing and making food that is authentic, accessible, and, of course, delicious, is essential. We believe everyone deserves to eat ‘Healthy & Clean–Crops to Cuisine.’ What better place to share these practices and products than at the Summer Fancy Food Show?”
Read the full article: Standout Exhibitors Win Fancy Food Show Booth Contest (specialtyfood.com).

Wildfare would like to thank Nationwide Displays for helping to bring our booth design vision to a beautiful – and award-winning – reality.

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