Nut Butters
The verdant color of our Pistachio Butter is a sight to behold! Even more impressive is the amazing taste and mouth feel. The sweet nut butter is a classic pairing for a beautiful bit of chocolate or a piece of fruit but consider adding it to smoothies. Slightly warmed, it is delightful on top of ice cream. The savory Pistachio Butter with EVOO has a slight peppery bite – simply delicious on a warm piece of bread but also delightful when tossed with pasta. Then again, for either of these nut butters, a spoon may just be the preferred method of delivery!

Our Nut Butters

6.76 OZ
Pistachio Butter
A magical combination of tastes and textures. Sweet and nutty, pistachios are delivered in a creamy texture that also incorporates tiny bits of this favorite among nuts.
6.76 OZ - NEW
Pistachio Butter
with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
A savory version of pistachio butter infused with olive oil and pepper to create a completely unique and memorable flavor! Enhance sauces, toss with pasta, or simply enjoy on grilled bread.

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