Fruit Snacks
Our Mango Bars are delicious and nutritious. They are made from 100% premium mangos – just mangos – clean, pure and simple. Perfect for breakfast, as a post workout snack, or a delightful addition to a packed lunch. The bright, tropical taste of mango is always a treat for the taste buds – all the better when left unspoiled by any unnecessary additions like sugar. You can taste the sunshine regardless of the weather or season. Our Mango Bars are good to go when you’re on the go and will quickly earn the status of permanent pantry staple. Adults and children alike will adore the fruity goodness. We invite you to take a journey. Discover delicacies cultivated beneath the warm sun and rich soil that result in wildly irresistible Mediterranean fare.

Our Fruit Snacks

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Mango Bar
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Delicious and nutritious! Made from 100% premium mangos – just mangos – clean, pure, and simple.
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