Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich

The guests have gone. The leftover turkey has been wrapped and refrigerated. The squash and sweet potatoes are in the chill chest too. Is there a small container of creamed spinach or sauteed kale needing a second act? Bring them to the after-party as well. It’s time to make a sandwich that pays homage to the original Thanksgiving feast. And the flavor bomb to bring it all together is a healthy dollop of Wildfare Tart Cherry Preserves.
- Turkey leftovers (check out our Roast Turkey recipe)-
- Squash leftovers (we also have a Delicata Squash on Sauteed Kale recipe)
- Kale leftovers
- Leftover gravy (it’s optional, but it keeps the sandwich moist)
- (Gouda, Havarti, or Swiss cheese can be added if you are a person who believes a sandwich just isn’t a sandwich without cheese)
- 2 T Wildfare Tart Cherry Preserves per sandwich
- Drizzle of Wildfare EVOO
- 2 slices of whole grain bread per sandwich (feel free to use any bread you prefer)
- Salt & Pepper to taste (the turkey may need a little reseasoning)
- A bit more Wildfare EVOO – if you would like to skillet grill your sandwich or make it a panino
First, decide: cold sandwich or hot sandwich.
Assemble your Thanksgiving leftovers. This is a build your own adventure in sandwich specialization. Choose the ingredients that make you happy, that evoke the flavors and festivity of the holiday, that make you almost want to have Thanksgiving all over again. (If you did not host Thanksgiving, be grateful to whoever did. They sent you home with these amazing leftovers.)
Lay out your bread and drizzle with Wildfare EVOO. Salt and pepper your bread for extra flavor.
Layer the turkey, squash, and kale (cheese optional) in amounts that please you. Spoon on a little gravy, if you wish. (Don’t like squash? Use mashed potatoes. Not feeling the kale? Use crisp romaine lettuce to add freshness and crunch. Thanksgiving was a lot of work – make that sandwich you deserve!)
Top the sandwich ingredients with a couple tablespoons of Wildfare Tart Cherry Preserves. They bring a brightness and tartness that round out all of those beautifully rich leftover flavors.
Close the sandwich with the second piece of bread and you are ready to eat, unless…you prefer a griddled or grilled sandwich…
In which case, heat your skillet or panini pan, drizzle with Wildfare EVOO, and finish your Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich in the pan until it achieves the crispy crunchitude you desire.
Enjoy! This is a sandwich you will be thankful for!
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